Bail Bonds Can Help

How Did Bail Get Set

Judges ordinarily set a bail amount at a suspect’s first court appearance after an arrest. Judges normally adhere to standard practices and can raise or lower the standard bail, or waive bail altogether and grant release on the defendant’s “own recognizance”.

The amount of bail usually depends on factors such as a defendant’s past criminal record, whether a defendant is employed, and whether a defendant has close ties to relatives and the community.

Bail Bonds

Simply put, a bail bond can be used for any amount of bail when the accused can’t afford to pay his or her bail. This type of bail involves a friend or relative, also known as an indemintor, to contact a local bail agent. This agent is a license professional in PA Berks, Lebanon, Montgomery, Lancaster, York, Dauphin, Schuylkill County, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Adams and Bucks County, who is backed by an insurance company that pledges to pay the full amount if the accused does not show in court. The bail agent typically charges a 10% Premium. If at any time the defendant does not show up for court, and if the judge deems bail forfeited, the indemnities is financially responsible for the total amount of bail. It’s imperative the friend or relative fully trusts the defendant to show up to court on each date to prevent any financial heartaches.

How Can Monty’s Bail Bond Help

Not everyone can afford a 10% premium. Monty’s Bail Bonds can help clients reduce your bail premium from 10% to as low as 5%. We also accept 3% down payment to qualified clients. We will help assist the defendant with legal referrals, and help ensure he or she makes every court appearance. In return for our service all we ask of our clients is to check in weekly (in person or by phone) and follow any other guidelines that we require.